• QTwitLib by Bradley Lackey & Maks Zolin. C++ library for Linux, Windows, and Mac.  Currently in beta.


  • Yedda Twitter Library by Yedda. Every Twitter API method has an equivalent .NET method in this wrapper library.
  • TwitterooCore API by Eric Willis/RareEdge Design Group. Binary .NET library that can be used in any .NET project.
  • Twitterizer originally by DigitallyBorn, but now open source. Written for .NET 2.0.
  • tweet# by Daniel Crenna. “100% coverage of the REST and Search APIs”.


  • Twitter4J by Yusuke Yamamoto.  BSD licensed and Maven aware pure java interface for the Twitter API.
  • java-twitter by DeWitt Clinton.  Pure java interface for the Twitter API.
  • jtwitter by Daniel Winterstein. Open-source pure Java Interface to Twitter.


  • MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell.  Integrate Twitter support into your Cocoa app.


  • App::Tweet by Joshua McAdams.  Tweet on Twitter from the command line.
  • Net::Twitter by Chris Thompson.  Perl interface to Twitter.
  • Twitter::Shell by Daisuke Maki.  Twitter from your shell.



  • OraTweet by Noel Portugal. PL/SQL procedures to get friends timeline and post updates.


  • python-twitter by DeWitt Clinton. This library provides a pure Python interface for the Twitter API.
  • python-twyt by Andrew Price. BSD licensed Twitter API interface library and command line client.
  • twitty-twister by Dustin Sallings.  A Twisted interface to Twitter.


  • Twitter4R by Susan Potter.  Open-source Ruby library for the Twitter REST API.
  • Twittery by Chris Ledet.  Lightweight class for Twitter’s API.
  • Twitter by John Nunemaker.  Command line twits and an api wrapper using Hpricot.


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